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Link-State 2014

ACM at Case Western Reserve University is proud to present our third annual Link-State conference.



Time Schmitt Clapp Hovorka Atrium
10:00am Breakfast Served
11:00am Rockwell Automation Tim Downs
12:00pm Adam Crompton Co-Op Office
1:00pm Lightning Talks Lunch + Networking
2:30pm Sarah Dutkiewicz Paul Jacobs
3:30pm Leandog Victor Marmol
4:30pm Gary Bernhardt
5:30pm Closing Remarks Dinner Served

Keynote: Turning The Design Clock Back
with Gary Bernhardt

Object-oriented design principles haven't had the effect we hoped for. The SOLID principles are excellent design guidelines, but experience shows that programmers find them difficult to follow. What do we do about this? Surprisingly, the Structured Design literature of forty years ago contains compelling solutions to many current design problems. They're simple and easy to understand, but were lost in the noise as OO rose to popularity. We'll reinterpret these simple design ideas in a modern context, finding that many of our most promising new design ideas resemble them. Rapid web application development, the area of professional programming in most dire need of design improvements, will serve as an example. Gary Bernhardt is a creator and destroyer of software compelled to understand both sides of heated software debates: Vim and Emacs; Python and Ruby; Git and Mercurial. He runs Destroy All Software, which publishes advanced screencasts for serious developers covering Unix, OO design, TDD, and dynamic languages. Gary is also a CWRU alumnus.